You are pregnant unexpectedly and feel that you are unable to parent at the present time. You may
feel that you are not emotionally or financially able at the present time.

Many women choose the adoption option.  Here are some of the reasons they tell us:

  • I want my child to have a mom and a dad
  • I am too young and can’t take care of a baby yet
  • I am not ready to parent right now
  • I have dreams and things I want to accomplish before I start a family
  • I don’t have the resources needed to be a good parent
  • I want my child to have all the things he needs in life that I can’t provide now

The thought of planning an adoption for your baby may be very scary. Our support workers will walk
with you throughout your journey.  The decision to make an adoption plan can be made at anytime during your pregnancy or after the baby is born. We provide information on open and closed adoptions, referrals to other agencies and support.

You may be asking yourself if you can handle this emotionally. It is a very difficult choice. You will
experience many emotions and question whether you are making the right decision. We recognize the
importance of having someone to help you through this process and we will be there with you.
Our support workers will help you with this grieving process and provide the encouragement to pursue
your goals.